Christmas music video with Grumpy Cat & Co.

Grumpy Cat and other famous cats are promoting a good cause with a fun Christmas music video. They all agree on one thing: It is not easy to be a cat at Christmas time ...

Their names are Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Oskar, Nala and Hamilton, and they have all become famous on the Internet over the past year. Of course, that's why they know to be the center of attention and, according to the lyrics in this Christmas video, it's not that easy. Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and Co.: Everything tempted to play, but none of it is allowed.

It is at least as difficult for cats that they see the tastiest feasts all the time, but none of them are, as you can see from the look of Colonel Meow, the hangover with the longest fur in the world who entered Guinness - Book of records. While turkey and other delicious things are only intended for the family, famous cats also get dry food in the bowl.

In the end everyone gets their delicious extra food. Incidentally, the music video was created for a good cause: for every person who watches the video on YouTube, the animal feed brand "Friskies" donates a can of cat food to cats in need.