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Light food for cats: tips and information

Delicate food for cats is an easily digestible special food with few additives. It is fed primarily in cat diseases that are associated with diarrhea or vomiting. You should pay attention to this: You can prepare or buy ready-made food for cats yourself - Image: Shutterstock / Brenda Carson

You can buy gentle food for cats at the vet or at a pet store. You can also prepare them yourself relatively easily. Homemade light food has the advantage that it is particularly fresh and guarantees that there are no additives that unnecessarily burden your room tiger. Ingredients that you already know your cat doesn't like can also be left out.

Light diet for cats: Why actually?

It is very important for a sick cat that it eats - it should not go hungry for more than 24 hours. She needs your daily ration of nutrients to get well as quickly as possible. However, your body should not be exposed to unnecessary stress, such as food that is difficult to digest.

Instead, she should be cautious and, in consultation with the veterinarian, be used to gently prepared feed again to eat.

Tips for feeding with light food

Gentle special food should be prepared without salt and spices. Milk and milk products also have no place in light food. It is even more important that you do not decide yourself whether and which medication is to be added. Only the vet should really do that.

Delicate foods for cats are served at room temperature, in small portions throughout the day and in a clean bowl. Any leftovers should not be kept, because it is important that the food for your darling is always fresh. The cat should always have access to fresh water. After the cat has recovered, change the food again very slowly, because your ailing tiger has to get used to it again.