Treating lice in dogs: tips

Rapid treatment by the veterinarian is important for parasites: hair lice are not only annoying for the dog, but can also cause long-term damage to the animal's skin and hair. Consequences such as tapeworm infestation are not uncommon. Dog lice: Treatment by the vet - Image: Shutterstock / wavebreakmedia

If you suspect the small crawling animals, you should quickly visit a veterinarian to free your pet from the undesirable fur inhabitants. The treatment usually involves various steps.

Treatment of lice at the veterinarian

First of all, the veterinarian will closely examine the small parasites you have discovered in the dog's fur. He will differentiate whether it is lice, mites or hair lice and to what extent the animal's skin has already been affected by it in order to then find the right treatment method.

Depending on the age and state of health of the animal, various preparations can be used for the treatment, which are intended to make the hair lice in the dog fur uncomfortable. Spot-on preparations, sprays or special dog shampoos are common for this. If itchy scratches or inflammation are caused by the itching caused by the hair lice, these are usually also treated by a veterinarian. A worming regimen is also sometimes administered, since tapeworms are often accompanied by parasites.

Permanent removal of the parasites

Usually, the first treatment is followed by another one, so that the larvae of the hair lice can also be removed and prevention of the nuisance entering the dog fur is prevented. Follow-up treatment is usually carried out a few days after the first.

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It is also important that all animals that live in the household are treated, otherwise the next plague of hairbirth is imminent. At home, you should clean your dog's favorite places and blankets. Grooming and hygiene should be given special attention after the infestation.