The Elo: a dog with character

The Elo belongs to a young dog breed, whose representatives are very popular family dogs. No wonder, because when breeding a lot of emphasis was placed on a great, friendly and balanced character. The Elo is a beautiful dog with a fine character - Image: Shutterstock / Christian Mueller

The Elo is a beautiful dog with a fine character - Image: Shutterstock / Christian Mueller

A calm, balanced and steadfast being is very typical of the Elo. Clingy and cuddly as he is, he is a big fan of cuddling hours and invites you to do so with his beautiful soft fur.

The Elo: A good-natured family dog

This dog usually proves its suitability for families with its love for children. He is very patient and his constant, firm character makes him just as reliable and pleasant a contemporary as his high stimulus threshold. He is also considered adaptable and easily educated. It learns very quickly and usually has little or no hunting instinct, making it very easy to guide.

The Elo: A cute, colorful dog breed for the whole family

Nature and suitability of the four-legged friend

The Elo likes to be part of everything, but not a big athlete. He is neither incredibly maneuverable nor overly spirited and just prefers to be comfortable. Dog sports and hours of cycling in hot temperatures are usually not for him. But many of them show themselves as talented guide and rescue dogs.

Not only because the Elo belongs to the quite new dog breeds, but applies: Not every dog ​​is the same and there are also such and such animals among the Elos. If you want to choose a dog, it always makes sense to visit it a few times beforehand to see if it fits well in your family. A species-appropriate attitude with everything a dog's heart desires is a matter of course.

Little story of the young dog breed

The Elo was originally called "Eloschaboro" when Marita and Heinz Szobries founded the breed in 1987. The different crossed dog breeds should be found in the name: Eurasier, Bobtail and Chow-Chow. The goal was a family-friendly, versatile and robust dog. Later Dalmatians and Samoyed came to the mix, Pekingese and Japanspitz were also crossed for the little Elo. The founders of the breed held the trademark rights to the name "Elo", an abbreviation of the original name.

The Elo can vary in appearance because there are so many different races mixed in it. It is definitely available in large or small, with the hair structures rough or straight. All fur sketches are allowed, with white fur with gray, black, red or brown spots being the most common. In the foreground of breeding are always the amiable character of the four-legged friend and his health. In fact, the Elo is not very susceptible to disease, since the gene pool for breeding is so large and the breed is so young, and there are no special visual breeding goals.