Lassie: Probably the most famous dog in the world

The first film was released in 1943, and since then Lassie has been the most famous dog in the world. The loyal long-haired collie enchanted young and old across different generations. Image: Shutterstock / Svetlana Valoueva

Lassie, a heroine for generations

Loyalty, courage, elegance and beauty are often used as terms in connection with Lassie. The American baby boomer generation was the first to adore the long-haired collie, and the enthusiasm continues to this day. It all started with a short story by writer Eric Knight. After the first novel was published in 1940, the first feature film followed in 1943, in Germany under the title "Homesickness".

One of three dogs with their own star in Hollywood

Decades later, Lassie is the only dog ​​besides Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart to have their own star on the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

The storyline of the television series that followed the first feature film was mostly simple. The highly intelligent dog saved its owners Jeff and Timmy from a variety of dangers. The first animal actor was not a bitch at all, but a male with the real name Pal.

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